Country 2 Country 2018

So this year’s Country 2 Country festival was my fifth time going and I decided to vlog it this time. As this was my first time vlogging I don’t actually feature but I’m hoping to get more comfortable with it and do it more often.

You can check out my vlog here:

The Country 2 Country festival is always great event for me, I normally get tickets before the line-up is even announced. The highlights for me this year were seeing Kacey Musgraves perform some of her new upcoming album (30th March), as well as seeing Kelsea Ballerini again. However, I think Little Big Town stole the show, getting everyone up on their feet dancing.

I was looking forward to seeing Faith Hill and Tim McGraw perform on the Friday night, however, I was a bit disappointed with how their set went and wished they’d played a few more songs together. One of the reasons I love going to C2C is because even if I haven’t really listened to some of the artists or don’t know their music, it’s a great place to discover new music. Even though I already knew who Old Dominion were, I’d never got round to listening to their music, well I loved their set and am loving their album Happy Endings.

A couple of smaller artists who are worthwhile mentioning are The Wandering Hearts, Ryan Hurd, and Andy Brown. These artists were performing all over at C2C and I would recommend checking out their music!


New Album from The Shires – Out 20th April.

So if you’re signed up to The Shires’ emailing list, you will have received an accidental email on Monday asking Ben and Crissie of The Shires to approve the album artwork. Since the album is called Accidentally On Purpose, this email was sent “Accidentally On Purpose” as a marketing strategy from Joe King, one which I think is very clever.

The Shires have continued to promote their upcoming album using #AccidentallyOnPurpose, pulling pranks and “accidentally” recording themselves singing their new single, Guilty.

I personally think is one of the best marketing strategies I’ve seen in a while, and has also been very effective with lots of country fans talking about it over Twitter.

The new album Accidentally On Purpose comes out on the 20th April. I’m very excited to hear what new songs they have and how it is going to sound.


It’s not okay.

I don’t really know how to start this, or how to say it. I won’t go into detail. I just have a couple of things to say.

On the 23rd February, someone told me I wasn’t dealing with my past in the right way and implied that I was lying about what had happened. They told me that I wouldn’t be doing certain things or be on certain apps if what I told them was actually true. This is a blog post to that particular person and anyone else who thinks that it is okay to speak to people that way.

Let me just start by saying no one has any right to comment on the way you choose to deal with your issues. People deal with things in their own way, and you should let them as long as they are not harming themselves or others. Apparently, because I am not letting my issues impact me too much anymore, this means that what happened is a lie. This isn’t true.

I have dealt with my issues through medication and therapy, I have talked through the past enough times to know that my feelings are valid and I can deal with them in any way that I choose. I have accepted my past, however, the fact that the person on this particular night suggested that I wasn’t dealing with it right made me question myself and bring up all my past issues again. I can’t comprehend why someone would say something like this to another person.

I would like to add one more thing as well. In the moment when I confided in that person, I trusted them to keep it a secret. If someone struggling confides in you by telling you something private and asks you NOT to tell anyone, you should keep it to yourself and not go running to your friends to ask their opinions. I get wanting to talk to your friends about stuff, however, it wasn’t your story to tell. I think the worst part about it all is that the person didn’t even realise they’d hurt me or effected me this much.

I have spoken to people about what happened on the 23rd February and each person has been shocked by it. Since my university can’t do anything about it, I figured I would write about it. I also never want what was said to me to happen to anyone else because it is disgusting so I hope this post will help even just a little bit. Thank you if you read this and it would really help if you shared this because I want to get the word out that it is not okay to talk to people like that.


Two New Tracks From Kacey Musgraves.

The last we heard from Kacey was her Christmas album December 2016, despite that album being incredible, it’s hard to listen to all year round so I don’t know about you but I was definitely in need of new music from the country star.

It was obvious to me that the new music would include something about butterflies as Kacey was continuously dropping hints. She released two tracks at the end of February, those being “Butterflies” and “Space Cowboy”. Both songs are beautiful in terms of lyrics as well as melodies.

To start with “Butterflies” had to be my favourite, however, since Kacey performed “Space Cowboy” on Jimmy Fallon, I have been in love with the track ever since. I can’t wait for the album “Golden Hour” on the 30th March.

– em

Back again.

So I’d say I took a break from blogging but really I just had zero motivation. I’m back now and determined to make this work for myself because I really enjoy it.

I’ve had a lot of changes over the past year so I want to get back to myself. I did, however, finish therapy and my medication which is something I’m really proud of.

For this blog, I want to get back to writing about my favourite things like music and beauty, as well as this being an outlet for me personally. Thanks if you actually read this!

– em